Join us at the webinar "Towards a sustainable cultural and creative industry in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries”

9 & 10 June 2021

The ACP-EU Culture Programme, a joint initiative of the European Union (EU) and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP), is organizing an international webinar to put into perspective its actions in support of ACP cultural and creative industries and audiovisual and to discuss the new issues and problems of a sector particularly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and in full resilience.

The ACP-EU Culture Programme, with a budget of €40 million for the period 2019-2026, promotes entrepreneurship and cultural and technological innovation, thus aiming to create new jobs, increase the income of artists and cultural professionals and enhance their profile on the international scene.  In 2021 the programme launched a new regional mechanism to strengthen the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in ACP countries. This action comes in addition to a similar facility to support existing audiovisual co-production funds, launched in 2020. The programme allocates grants to partner organisations, whose main activity is to redistribute them on a regular basis to cultural creators/operators (cascading grants) and to accompany them in the implementation of their projects.



The ACP-EU Culture Programme has established a real community of beneficiaries:

  • since 2020, the film/audiovisual support funds active in ACP countries: OIF/FONSIC, CNC/Jeune Création Francophones and World Cinema Fund;
  • since 2021, 6 regional consortia in support of cultural and creative industries: Institut Français/Institut Kôrè Mali (West Africa), British Council/Heva Fund Kenya (East Africa), Interarts/Culture et Développement/INA/CEEAC (Central Africa), Music in Africa Foundation South Africa/Goethe Institut (Southern Africa), Unesco/University of West Indies/Caricom (Caribbean), the Pacific Community/Queensland techn. University (Pacific). (see Brochure of the ACP-EU regional mechanism in support of cultural and creative industries)

The dynamic between the organizations is already a success, facilitated by their proximity to the actors on the ground. The time has come to:

  • highlight the potential of the programme's actions,
  • anchor the programme's actions in current issues that have an impact on the sustainability of cultural and creative industries in ACP countries, such as the challenges of digital acceleration, better access to culture for women, the potential of CCIs for growth and decent jobs, the fight against exclusion and discrimination and the importance of cultural education for youth;
  • opening up opportunities for the post-Covid cultural and creative industries sector.


The webinar aims to inform the target audiences but also to give the floor to operators in the field in the form of testimonies and experiences, to make it a moment of knowledge sharing and to analyze the possible synergies with other actions/programmes.


For who ?

This international event will bring together, under the aegis of the OACPS and the EU:

  • cultural operators/artists/creators from the EU and ACP countries;
  • the consortia responsible for the regional windows in support of ACP cultural and creative industries;
  • support funds for ACP audiovisual co-productions;
  • media ;
  • academia;
  • representatives of EU and ACP diplomatic missions;
  • donors and other development partners.

How ?

The webinar will be held online over two days, on 9 and 10 June 2021.

It will start with welcome speeches by high-level representatives of the EU and the OEACP, followed by a presentation of the ACP-EU Culture Programme and the mechanisms put in place, and will then move on to high-level discussion panels devoted to various topics of current interest to CCIs in ACP countries. Representatives of the programme's beneficiary organisations will participate actively in the thematic panels, together with cultural operators and creators from ACP countries.


The full programme and agenda of the webinar will be available soon.

For further information you can visit: and


Video of the ACP-EU Culture Programme

Brochure of the ACP-EU regional mechanism in support of cultural and creative industries


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