Nhimbe Trust calls on African Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to join the Africa-EU Culture Deal Consortium.

“Creative civil society in Africa says that they have been repeatedly shut out of the process of influencing and shaping the agenda for EU-African relations. The result is a top-down process between political leaders that is disconnected from the needs of local CSOs and the constituencies they serve. With the Cultural Deal for Europe’ Campaign (spearheaded by Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation and Europa Nostra) this needs to change”.

In this context Nhimbe Trust introduces a new advocacy brief under the title Leveraging the ‘cultural deal for Europe campaign’ for EU ODA for culture for Africa in order to for CSOs to be part be part of drawing up a new EU ODA (Official Development Assistance) for culture framework, in a bid to overhaul a process which many African organisations believe is deeply dysfunctional. 

The document is also a call for action and solidarity and hereby invites CSOs across the AU and the Africa-EU Culture Deal Consortium’ in amplifying and delivering this Advocacy Brief to the Cultural Deal for Europe’ Campaign and stresses that the opening of the campaign to the participation of like-minded African CSOs in areas of mutual interest will bring unprecedented results beneficial to all parties involved.

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